Marcos Santana


“For me, teaching music is to share my knowledge and transform the lives of those who want to learn.  I have taught in Brazil, UK, Switzerland and Austria and, wherever I am, it is the enthusiasm of my students that makes teaching one of the most rewarding experiences.”

Marcos Santana was born in July 27 of 1977 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
 He developed his taste for the arts and Black Culture, influenced by his family through arts, mainly music. He started learning percussion from the streets of Salvador from the age of 8 years old and progressed quickly, performing in his first professional show, Samba Livre when he was just 12. From 1995 to 1998 he played and learned with Pracatum and from 1998 to 2003 with Timbalada, both from Salvador.

His love for samba-style traditional music of Bahia continued and throughout his teens and twenties, he performed and toured Brazil with different groups of international acclaim – Olodum, Ilê and Timbalada, which is where he met his mentor and teacher Carlinhos Brown. Carlinhos ignited his passion for the timbal  and with his revolutionary rhythms and style, trained Marcos for four years in the art of timbal and subsequently, this has become Marcos’ instrument of choice.
With a middle level technical foundation in computers and afterwards a two years course in Administration and Analysis of Systems at the University Visconde of Cairu, Marcos decided definitely to follow his path as an artist and started creating his own groups and projects.

Musik Unterrichten bedeutet für mich, mein Wissen zu teilen und das Leben derer, die lernen wollen zu verändern. Ich habe in Brasilien, England, der Schweiz und Österreich unterrichtet und wo immer ich auch bin ist es der Enthusiasmus meiner SchülerInnen, der das Unterrichten für mich zu einer der dankbarsten Erfahrungen macht.”

Marcos Santana wurde am 27. Juli 1977 in Salvador, Bahia geboren. Unter dem Einfluss seiner Familie entwickelte er schon früh seine Vorliebe für Kunst, insbesondere für Musik und „Black Culture“. Bereits mit acht Jahren begann er in den Strassen von Salvador Perkussion zu lernen. Er machte schnell Fortschritte und trat mit nur 12 Jahren in der professionellen Show “Samba Livre” auf.

1995 – 1998 spielte und lernte er bei der Gruppe Pracatum und 1998 – 2003 bei Timbalada, beide von Salvador. Seine Liebe für die traditionelle Samba-Musik von Salvador hielt an und während längerer Zeit reiste er durch ganz Brasilien, um mit verschiedenen international angesehenen Gruppen aufzutreten: Olodum, Ilê und Timbalada. Bei Letzterer lernte er seinen Mentor und Lehrer Carlinhos Brown kennen. Mit seinen revolutionären Rhythmen und Stilen entzündete Carlinhos Marcos’ Leidenschaft für den Timbal und er bildete ihn während vier Jahren in der Kunst des Timbal aus, welcher bald das Instrument seiner Wahl wurde.

Mit einer technischen EDV-Grundausbildung sowie in Administration und Systemanalyse entschied sich Marcos endgültig, den Weg des Künstlers zu gehen und begann, seine eigenen Gruppen und Projekte zu kreieren.

Projects and Groups:

– Dec 2005 TRIBO Tinharé Project  (Project Director)
Coordinating, teaching and directing the TRIBO Project on the island of Morro de São Paulo, off the coast of Salvador, for 50 students (4yrs to 19 yrs).

– June 07 – Dec 07 TRIBO Ere with 12 members (Music Director and Performer)
Performances across the UK: Brighton, Croydon and London
Instruments used: Surdos, Timbal, Bacurenhas, Congas, Bongos, Cowbell, Claves, Pandeiro.

– March 2008 TRIBO Band with 8 members (Director and Percussionist) Coordinating and creating TRIBO band, a coverband (influences include: Bueno Vista Social Club, Santana, Carlinhos Brown and Samba) to perform regularly across London.
Instruments used: Surdos, Timbal, Bacurenhas, Guitar, Keyboard, Guiro, Cowbell, Claves, Pandeiro and Ganzar.

– April 08 TRIBO Project Brazilian Drum Workshops (Teacher)
Coordinating and creating TRIBO Workshop and TRIBO Bloco.
Weekly Samba-Reggae sessions, introducing workshop students to South-American Indian culture and performances at various events.
Instruments used: Surdos, Timbal, Repique and Bacurenhas.

Other experiences as a professional musician and teacher:

– Hourly private lessons to students
Instruments used: Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Pandeiro, Tambourine, Berimbal, Cuica, Timbal, Surdos, Repique, Shakes, Claves, Atabaque and Cowbell.

– Percussionist and Accompanist for contemporary dance classes
Instruments used: Congo, Djembe, Bongos and Pandeiro.

– Personal Performances:
MTV – Private Corporation performance (Nov 07)
ITV – Trinity and Susanna programme “Celebrate Your Bum” (Jul 08)
DJ Night Club performances: Amika(S. Kensington), Aura (Green Park), Café de Paris (Leicester Sq), The End (Tottenham Court R)




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